Jays Kars - Used car engine went out after 27 days

Bryan, Texas 2 comments

Bought used car from JaysKars in Bryan, TX.Less than a month the cars engine went out.

No oil light ever came on, nothing. In the paperwork it reads he would pay half the cost in the first 90 days if anything went wrong. He refuses to pay for half the cost. He said my son and I have been hot rodding it!

My son is not aloud to drive right now because he has a concussion since he totaled out my other car. Bought this used car to replace. Got cash money from me for down payment. Did not report that, I have the withdrawal receipts from ATM,s for the down payment as proof.

Do not buy from him,stay away!His name is Jason.

Review about: Engine Malfunction.


Hearne, Texas, United States #802869

Btw, If you read your retail installment contract, you can see where you in fact given credit for the down payment.If you need copies, I can fax you some over!

Jays Kars

Jason Herrera

1900 S.Texas Ave

Bryan Texas 77802

979 324 5225 979 779 2620 Fax

Hearne, Texas, United States #802868

Miss Klevenski,

Can you show me the paperwork stating that I would pay for any repairs at all to the car?I told you on the phone what I would do for you.

I never heard a word from you again. You are not the first person this has happened too. And you wont be the last. I do not want any of my customers to have issues, but they are cars.

And this stuff happens from time to time.If bad mouthing me over the internet helps you sleep better at night, then so be it.

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